Danaé is a fifteen year old dancer and vegan. She is a role model to her two younger sisters both as an athlete and in living a healthier lifestyle. She enjoys doing acro, yoga, and stands up for what she believes in whether she is fighting for healthier choices in her school or speaking publicly at festivals and giving interviews on what it means to be a vegan and how anyone can make the necessary changes in their lives to follow this lifestyle that offers a variety of healthier options for your body.

Danaé’s journey as a vegan is what inspired her family to follow suit. At an earlier age she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and after committing to a fully vegan lifestyle she soon found that her flare ups were less frequent and the amount of medications she was taking decreased. This lifestyle change has put herself and her family on the path to where they are today.

As an athlete, Danaé has a busy schedule to keep up with dance and acro, and everything else a teenage girl enjoys doing with friends and family. At age seven her mother introduced her to yoga and meditation as a way to decompress, and find balance through the craziness each week can bring in a family of four children all with busy schedules. She has found it to be very helpful in times of stress and all around it is a very important part of her lifestyle.