Five year old Danielle follows in her older sisters footsteps in being a young athlete and vegan. She enjoys gymnastics, acro, dance, and being the best little sister her older siblings could ask for. Born ten weeks early and only weighing 3 lbs it was a rocky start with doctors believing she would have breathing and digestion problems throughout her life, but Danielle was a fighter. She was in the hospital for over two months and her family credits her mother’s vegan breast milk and homemade unprocessed baby food for why she is a strong little girl today with no health problems.

Born into the vegan lifestyle Danielle enjoys a diet free of meats and dairy. While this can be a challenge for some her age attending school with all of the events throughout the calendar year she has a very supportive teacher who ensures that there are vegan options for Danielle to enjoy, and if in doubt always checks in with her mother for suggestions on vegan offerings that not only Danielle will eat, but her classmates will like as well.

Danielle was introduced to yoga at age two as a way to focus and keep a calm nature while surrounded by a busy schedule in a family of four children. Now that she is older and has her own crazy day between school, athletics and everything that a five year old girl enjoys in her day, the benefits have significantly increased.