Nine year old Danya is a young athlete with a strong determination to be the best she can be in gymnastics, dance and all activities she takes interest in. As a young vegan she believes in a healthy lifestyle free of meat, dairy, and giving her body the best nutrition to keep her energy going through each day.

As an athlete, Danya enjoys working on gymnastics and acro, working hard at her craft with her sisters, and loves what they have been able to accomplish working together. At age four, Danya was introduced to yoga and meditation to help channel her energy and take time from a busy schedule to regroup and focus on taking time for herself.

Danya joins her sisters and mother in living a vegan lifestyle which she was born into, and continues to live by choice. The documentaries “What the Health” and “Forks over Knives” have been eye openers for her in supporting the choices she makes when it comes to food and nutrition, and showing that our bodies do not need animal meat in order to be strong. Through the right choices she is still able to get what she needs to maintain her strength and energy whether she’s at school or working hard training twenty hours a week in gymnastics.